Friday, October 23, 2009

Min is a glass of oily cheese

Salmon Rushdie's new squeeze got a plateful of comparisons with his previous helpings of eye candy, although most commentors thought of her as more of a side dish:

From RollsRoyceRevenge:
Padma is brie; Pia is Kraft singles; Min is the glass of oil that they show you on the Kraft singles commercial to describe the contents of inferior brands' single-wrapped slices.
Padma is Diamond Dave. Pia is Sammy Hager. Min is Gary Cherone.
Jackie Olive:
Padma is Krug; Pia is Veuve Clicquot; Min is Bud Light
Padma is Pulp Fiction. Pia is Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels. Min is Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead
Padma is Morticia; Pia is Debbie; Min is Margaret
Steverino Begins:
Padma is Angelina Jolie in Girl, Interrupted; Pia is Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider; Min is Angelina Jolie's assistant for Kung Fu Panda.
Padma is Midnight's Children. Pia is The Satanic Verses. Min is Grimus
Padma is Butterfly Mariah Carey; Pia is E=MC2 Mariah Carey; Min is Charmbracelet Mariah Carey.
Padma is Dom Pérignon; Pia is Korbel; Min is André Cold Duck.
Conchie Birdie:
Padma is Stella; Pia is PBR; Min is Keystone Ice.
Padma is Chanel No. 5; Pia is Poison; Min is Wind Song.
Padma is Blanche, Pia is Dorothy, and Min is Rose in the middle of a story about St. Olaf.
Steverino Begins:
Padma is Home Alone; Pia is Home Alone 2; Min is Home Alone 3 direct to video.
Padma is Matchbox, Pia is Hot Wheels and Min is Tootsie Toys
Padma is Jessica Rabbit; Pia is Jane Jetson; Min is Daffney Gillfin.
Steverino Begins:
Padma is Chrissy; Pia is Cindy; Min is Terri's body double.
Padma is Sesame Street; Pia is Zoom; Min is The New Zoo Review
Steverino Begins:
Padma is lie; Pia is lay; Min is have lain.
Padma is Darth Vader; Pia is Greedio; Min is Salacious Crumb
Padma is the Chrysler Building; Pia is Trump Tower; Min is the Mariott Marquis
Padma is a Enzo Ferrari; Pia is a Lexus LS400; Min is a Pontiac Aztek.
Padma is Marsha, Pia is Jan, Min is Oliver.

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